What Are the Different Valance Window Treatments?

Are you searching for new ways to spruce up your home’s windows and wondering; what are the different valance window treatments available? Well, you surely will not be disappointed to find a plethora of valance window treatments that are guaranteed to give a distinctively new look to your old windows. There are too many types of valance window treatments to justly describe them here; however, we will discuss some of the most chosen window treatments.

Why Select a Valance?

The next best thing to owning your own home is blatantly clear, it’s to decorate it! Painting a room and choosing the colours to set the mood is important, it is the furnishings and the valance that give the room style. In fact, any window can be stylishly decorated with the right valance window treatment, although, choosing the right style maybe a bit tricky. Especially, if you are unaware of what are the different valance window treatments available. To help you in this regard here are a few valance window treatments to consider.

What Are the Different Valance Window Treatments?

Cornice Window treatment –
The box or rectangular shape of the cornice window treatment is an ideal way to give style to a kitchen, bedroom or dining room that lacks defined architectural features of interest. This valance type works best with windows having small or slender trim.

Pelmet Window Treatment –
Much the same as the cornice box designs and having the same purpose of concealing curtain rods and fixtures, pelmets have angular features which are similar to exterior wood pelmets of some famous historic building found in the United States and Europe.

Lambrequin Window Treatment –
Without a doubt, the lambrequin valance design is among the most popular of the window treatments today. Although, in the past they had been considered an unnecessary stuffy decorative extra, today, the long lambrequin fabric that flows down the sides of a window is a welcome aesthetic addition that can add style to any room in the house.

Now that you have an idea of what are the different valance window treatments available, you are prepared to create that special design that is sure to liven up your windows and breathe some style into your rooms.

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