Outdoor Awning Maintenance

Outdoor awnings can definitely make a structure look attractive and in a lot of instances, it can be a practical appendage to any structure, whether a home or a business structure. There are a lot of different kinds of awnings readily available in the market today, from the simplest window awnings (this type of awning provides protection to your indoor furnishings from the direct rays of the sun) to the retractable awnings you can see beings used to provide shade in many outdoor spaces. There are even motorized models of these awnings. Most awnings are durable but you still need to give the proper care and maintenance they need to keep them looking new and at the same time keep them working properly for long.

The proper care of your awning begins with constant cleaning. Stains have to be treated as soon as possible. Dust, bird poo and other stains that find their way on your awnings will be faster and more uncomplicated to remove if you remove them right away. You can use a long broom are brush to, on a regular basis, sweep dirt and other out of your awnings. When you see a considerably large accumulation of dirt on your awnings, you need to wash it immediately since dirt can result in the growth of mildew.

Use only mild soap, water and a brush. There are commercial awnings that come with a manual, so check if it contains recommendations on what cleaning solution to use. Use lukewarm or cold water in cleaning your awnings. Have your awnings air-dried after you wash them because drying them under the sun can cause your awnings to shrink.
You can leave the awnings on their frames while cleaning them or you can dis-assemble them to make sure that all nooks and crannies are thoroughly cleaned. Just make sure you read the instructions on the manual regarding its dismantling and assembly. After you have cleaned them, you may want to apply some fabric guard. Once again, check the owner’s manual to make sure that you are using the right product.

If you are located in a warm, humid zone, you will most likely need to clean your awnings more. You can set up a cleaning schedule to avoid the accumulation of too much dirt on your awnings.

In time, awnings can also develop structural problems and that is why regular maintenance check-ups are important because they will help you spot and immediately repair problems with the awnings before they become severe. Awnings have to be inspected at least once a year. Check the growth of rust especially on the frame joints and on areas where the paint has dried out. Remove the rust using the right chemicals and apply a fresh coat of paint on these areas.

In order to prevent rusting, the awning frames should be kept clean from dirt and debris. And regular cleaning is the answer to this as well as the immediate repair of wear and tear. Strong winds and lots of rain can hasten the wear of your awnings.

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