Modern vs. Traditional Interior Design

When it comes to interior design styles, feel free to express yourself and permit to think outside the box. There are many different ways to define who you are by creating a magnificent living space. Allow yourself to be creative and be stylish. I humbly suggest you take some steps to create the type of space that you really want and show off your personality or whatever is required by your clients.

Amongst many styles of interior design are Traditional and Modern. Traditional style is incorporation of all that is classic, ornate and comfortable. While Modern design is a form and function combined for a more clean and uncluttered style.

Traditional styled spaces are created with comfort in mind rather than style. It is usually considered classic and reflects consistency, order and attention to details. Traditional styled interior design provides a restful, homey, unfussy feel. Featuring heavily with florals, fabric colors and patterns are often muted and understated. With soft edges and curved, furniture is often reproduction and everything is placed in pairs and goes together.

Traditionally decorated homes usually have separate dining room with a long wooden table and chairs with a matching sideboard for china, glass and silverwares. Ceilings are often white with ornate mouldings, the walls usually features flat finish or wall papers, window treatments are often heavy drapes with underpinnings of pinch-pleated sheers .

Accessorised with pairs of lamps, plants, urns, large ornate rugs, mirrors and shelves lined with books.

Modern interior design is the exact opposite of traditional design. Popularised by Bauhaus movement in Germany in 1919 and follows the philosophy that form should combine with function. Furniture pieces often features innovative storage options and modern furniture pieces are often made from industrial materials such as glass and metal and may be modular in their design.

Believed to be the influence of Japanese design, modern interior design views space not as emptiness but an integral and artistic part of the design. Modern interior furniture features clean, straight lines, contrasted by plain walls, usually in one main accent color to produce a cool, put together and uncluttered effect. Big glass windows are common in modern design with modern blinds that are usually elegant and slimline, functioning to control the light but not the view.

The present era populated with young generations have chosen the modern interior designed spaces but even in this modern world, traditional design have found its way to incorporate its style with modern design where the best elements of each could be enjoyed. With traditional and modern design being such opposites, it was inevitable to find it’s common ground that features simple lines and neutral colors and uses light to create a feeling of warmth.

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