Combining plantation shutters with curtains

A lot of people actually think that the only choice for a uniform window dressing has to be a pick between curtains and shutters. In reality, there are a lot of advantages in installing curtains with your existing shutters. The combination creates a distinct and comfortable appearance for your windows. But, before you just pick any curtain and hang it with your shutters, you have to first establish the purpose of each room and the way you envision a specific room should look like.

Plantation shutters are lightweight, compact, and very efficient in controlling the amount of light and heat that enters your windows. Shutters are also installed for privacy requirements. They are amazingly uncomplicated to control. They block and allow light into your room with a flick of your wrists. Plantation shutters are also very easy to maintain and clean. You can use a simple light soap solution and a clean piece of cloth and you can immediately wipe them clean.

But, shutters can also create a very formal and inflexible ambiance which you can easily soften using a few beautifully decorated curtains. Curtains possess a certain elegance and attractiveness which is hard to match using any other type of window upholstery. Combining a shutter’s great functionality with the warmth and beauty of curtains can help create a better and more comfortable ambiance at home.

And because shutters are quite efficient and tremendously user-friendly, having them installed can be quite expensive. In today’s rate, the cost of installing a regular set of shutters is at the very least 30% costlier than setting up an ordinary set of curtains. However, the benefits are tremendous. Installing matching curtains with your shutters will help you reduce more the amount of light and heat coming into your home which can effectively assist you in lowering down your electrical consumption and this is how you recover your expenses in adding glamorous curtains to your plantation shutters.

There is an endless range of gorgeous ambiance possibilities when you combine curtains with plantation shutters. You can stretch your curtains across the window and make it look as if it is flowing, or you can tie them together at the two sides of the window and create a look as if your window is a stage. You can also try out different types of curtains and store other design variations and this can help you transform the room in just a few minutes. Some homeowners store 2 to 3 different sets of curtains and change them every now and then to provide their rooms with a new look.

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