How to design an ideal room for a retirement home

Once we hit retirement age we all want a peaceful environment to just relax in. All of our kids are gone and the most that we have left at home running around are our pets. However there should always be at least two bedrooms specific to your retirement home. One should be a spare bedroom for when you have visitors such as kids, grand-kids or even a friend.

The second room should be your own private room where you can find yourself at peace and enjoy some alone time. Of course what these rooms consist of is really up to the specific likes, wants and needs of the individual.

Men usually tend to want to have a work area where they can build, fix or work on their mechanical devices there are many possibilities as to create a great retirement room. Some people also prefer and find the outdoors comforting and relaxing so we will go over a few plans for that as well.
Let’s start with a study or office.

Offices tend to be quite popular simply because it’s a separate room to house all of your bills computer and business needs. You can also incorporate a library into these rooms for those of you who like to relax and read a good book. In this room you can simple have your shelves with your favorite books and a nice comfortable couch or recline to relax in. This gives the peace and comfort of a room. Some people prefer entertainment such as a nice room that houses a large television and shelves full of movies.

I’ve seen people who retire build an outside sanctuary so to speak. A porch or deck built onto the house and screened in overlooking beautiful gardens or landscapes or even views in the mountains. Complete this retirement room with a fire pit and mini refrigerator and a few of your favorite things and you therefore have a peaceful and serene place to spend your time.

There is also the guest bedroom and these bedrooms don’t have to be complicated. This provides a simple space for family, kids, grand-kids or friends to visit and have their own privacy. There are so many ideas when designing your ideal retirement room. You can also create your own house plans and build a house from scratch to your own needs and wants.


Benefits of hiring an interior decorator for your apartment

There are many benefits of hiring an interior decorator for your apartment in Melbourne, especially if you plan on renting your flat out someday in the future. Melbourne a great place to live and it is well known for its multicultural population, healthcare facilities, education opportunities, fine dining restaurants, active night life and its world famous theaters. And, it is one of the most livable cities in the country.

Whether you’re an expat that has made Melbourne your home, or you’ve grown up in the city, an interior decorator can help you transform your apartment into a wonderful living space that you will look forward to coming home to everyday.

Here are some benefits of hiring an interior decorator for your apartment in Melbourne:

1)   Apartment For Sale – A quality interior decorator can distinguish what areas of your apartment that could benefits from an increased aesthetic appeal. In this way, if you ever decide to sale your apartment, it will look more appealing to interested buyers and you are assured to get fair market value for it.

2)    It’s Affordable – The rumor that you have to be well-off or rich to afford an interior decorator is not true. Hiring a decorator is more affordable than hiring any other type of tradesmen, and they can save you money. They can help you save money by helping you to avoid otherwise costly mistakes when remodeling your apartment or home.

3)   Resources and Contacts – An interior designer, or decorator, has information that can be worth a lot of money, information regarding access to vendors that have material resources, furnishings and general merchandise that are unknown and unavailable to the general public. These kinds of contacts can save you a lot of time and mental stress from trying to discover them on your own. This is one of the main benefits of hiring an interior decorator for your apartment, getting access to their professional plumbers, electricians and contractor contacts.

4)  Your Own Project Liaison – By hiring an interior decorator, you can save yourself from the time and hassle of dealing with many people such as a plumbers, painters, tile setters and contractors. Your interior designer can speak in your behalf, directing any tradesmen you may need to hire while remodeling your apartment or home.

5)  Planning and Budgeting – The benefits of hiring an interior decorator for your apartment are many, however, in the area of planning and budgeting, they are indispensable. They are able to effortlessly research products, furnishings and the prices of material that you will need for your remodeling project, which can give you a lean price estimate on your remodeling project. By professionally planning and establishing a project budget you will have the peace of mind that your remodeling project will run smoothly and remain within your price range.


The benefits of timber Venetian blinds

If you want an elegant window arrangement then Venetian blinds may be for you. They are very popular and trending window treatments that have a plethora of benefits as well. These are the best options whether you are looking to install them for private or commercial properties.

You have flexibility and control with these beautiful options. You decide how much light you get into the home, and you choose the angle of your blades, so you have control over the lighting as well as your privacy 100% of the time.

Another great thing is that Venetian blinds are very low maintenance options for your window coverings. They remain looking amazing through things that most window treatments wouldn’t. Just wipe them down with a cloth and you are good to go. A duster in between wipe downs will work wonders.

You can use them as a standalone window treatment or with blinds, lace or valances. The style options are amazing, and they are only as limited ad your imagination.

These are designed to stand up to the modern home. If you have kids and pets normal use is no problem. Of course they are not indestructible, but they are durable. Note that strings should be stored out of the reach of children if you have a product that features them. Also if you have a pet that chews make sure they cannot reach your blinds.

These are wonderful additions to any home or style design. They cover ranges from modern to country, and they come in many different sizes. They can be made from a number of materials too from wood to aluminum and more. All of these things work in unison to making Venetian blinds a favorite of designers and consumers alike.

Finally, the easy installation is a plus. There are very easy to put up and you can have flawless beauty with modernized style in no time at all. Let’s face it, window treatments can be overpriced, high maintenance and tough to put up. Then to add insult to injury you have to take them down and put them up for cleaning, but you can free yourself from this madness by installing Venetian blinds.

Whatever reason that you decide to install Venetian blinds, from their simplistic beauty to their ease of care, flexibility and dependability you will be glad that you made this decision. These are efficient, affordable and dependable window treatments that you are guaranteed to love.


The Pros and Cons of Wallpaper over Paint

Have you come to a point that you are ready to make some changes in your home, but you are not sure if you want to go with paint or wallpaper? Well, you have landed in the right place. Wither option will give you a significant improvement in the look and feel of any room. So how do you choose which one is best for you?

Well, there are several things that you have to consider. Some of these are time, budget, style and maintenance cost. You will also have to think about the advantages, disadvantages and maintenance cost. The decision is not an easy one. But it is totally worth taking the time to go with the one that will best suite your needs.

With wallpaper you know that you are going with an option that has been used for many decades for home beautification. You have flexibility in design and style. You can even get different textures. The thing is it is not necessarily considered a plus if you are trying to sell. It does being excitement and creativity to any space. It is completely customization to your unique taste.

The pros over wallpaper to paint are durability for one. Once you get through the painstaking task of accurately hanging your wallpaper it is a long lasting wall decor option lasting up to 15 years or longer. When you look at the lifespan of paint then you are realistically going to have to freshen things up every few years. This means that wallpaper will be less maintenance and in the end save you money on maintenance. Wallpaper is definitely more cost effective.

Fashion wise you may have to change. In this case you will want your décor to be fashionably relevant 100% of the time. Paint has to be changed almost seasonally, meaning that means a nice wallpaper will be the best choice for top fashion since it is always in style.

With so many pros are there any cons? You bet there are. After all, nothing is perfect. Wallpaper can be easily damaged, stained and soiled. There is a level of care and upkeep that must be maintained to aid to a long life, and it may not be the best option in all homes. For instance, wallpaper may not be the best option in the home of a smoker because of the chances of nicotine stains, and homes with small children may not be a great candidate for wallpapering.

When it comes to maintenance and wallpapering there is no spot touch up’s. This often leads to costly replacements, and painting is much simpler not to mention less costly to maintain.

Another thing that may lessen your chances to getting the most out of your wallpapering is humidity. Places with humid conditions are tough on wallpaper especially in bathrooms and in kitchens.

Paint on the other hand is easy to maintain, it is cost efficient and you can change your mind as many times as you want. Painting is much easier than hanging wallpaper appropriately too. So, it all comes down to where you live, your family’s demands and what you are willing to spend for beautiful walls, because both will offer spectacular results.


What Are the Different Valance Window Treatments?

Are you searching for new ways to spruce up your home’s windows and wondering; what are the different valance window treatments available? Well, you surely will not be disappointed to find a plethora of valance window treatments that are guaranteed to give a distinctively new look to your old windows. There are too many types of valance window treatments to justly describe them here; however, we will discuss some of the most chosen window treatments.

Why Select a Valance?

The next best thing to owning your own home is blatantly clear, it’s to decorate it! Painting a room and choosing the colours to set the mood is important, it is the furnishings and the valance that give the room style. In fact, any window can be stylishly decorated with the right valance window treatment, although, choosing the right style maybe a bit tricky. Especially, if you are unaware of what are the different valance window treatments available. To help you in this regard here are a few valance window treatments to consider.

What Are the Different Valance Window Treatments?

Cornice Window treatment –
The box or rectangular shape of the cornice window treatment is an ideal way to give style to a kitchen, bedroom or dining room that lacks defined architectural features of interest. This valance type works best with windows having small or slender trim.

Pelmet Window Treatment –
Much the same as the cornice box designs and having the same purpose of concealing curtain rods and fixtures, pelmets have angular features which are similar to exterior wood pelmets of some famous historic building found in the United States and Europe.

Lambrequin Window Treatment –
Without a doubt, the lambrequin valance design is among the most popular of the window treatments today. Although, in the past they had been considered an unnecessary stuffy decorative extra, today, the long lambrequin fabric that flows down the sides of a window is a welcome aesthetic addition that can add style to any room in the house.

Now that you have an idea of what are the different valance window treatments available, you are prepared to create that special design that is sure to liven up your windows and breathe some style into your rooms.


Combining plantation shutters with curtains

A lot of people actually think that the only choice for a uniform window dressing has to be a pick between curtains and shutters. In reality, there are a lot of advantages in installing curtains with your existing shutters. The combination creates a distinct and comfortable appearance for your windows. But, before you just pick any curtain and hang it with your shutters, you have to first establish the purpose of each room and the way you envision a specific room should look like.

Plantation shutters are lightweight, compact, and very efficient in controlling the amount of light and heat that enters your windows. Shutters are also installed for privacy requirements. They are amazingly uncomplicated to control. They block and allow light into your room with a flick of your wrists. Plantation shutters are also very easy to maintain and clean. You can use a simple light soap solution and a clean piece of cloth and you can immediately wipe them clean.

But, shutters can also create a very formal and inflexible ambiance which you can easily soften using a few beautifully decorated curtains. Curtains possess a certain elegance and attractiveness which is hard to match using any other type of window upholstery. Combining a shutter’s great functionality with the warmth and beauty of curtains can help create a better and more comfortable ambiance at home.

And because shutters are quite efficient and tremendously user-friendly, having them installed can be quite expensive. In today’s rate, the cost of installing a regular set of shutters is at the very least 30% costlier than setting up an ordinary set of curtains. However, the benefits are tremendous. Installing matching curtains with your shutters will help you reduce more the amount of light and heat coming into your home which can effectively assist you in lowering down your electrical consumption and this is how you recover your expenses in adding glamorous curtains to your plantation shutters.

There is an endless range of gorgeous ambiance possibilities when you combine curtains with plantation shutters. You can stretch your curtains across the window and make it look as if it is flowing, or you can tie them together at the two sides of the window and create a look as if your window is a stage. You can also try out different types of curtains and store other design variations and this can help you transform the room in just a few minutes. Some homeowners store 2 to 3 different sets of curtains and change them every now and then to provide their rooms with a new look.


How to Maintain Your Canvas Awnings

Canvas fabric requires regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent the accumulation of dust and the formation of stubborn dirt. They have a way of embedding themselves into the fabric which makes them more difficult to eliminate. You have the option of cleaning the canvas awning without removing it from its frame or dismantling it, laying it elsewhere, and thoroughly cleaning it. You can hose it down and lightly scrub the fabric using a mild natural soap and lukewarm water. Never use strong detergents and rinse the canvas awning thoroughly in order to totally remove soap. If the awning is just lightly soiled, you can also wipe it using a damp cloth. Awning surfaces that are moderately soiled can be cleaned with a wet cloth and water.

For awning surfaces that are visibly dirty with heavy dust, you can use a mild commercial cleanser. Read the awning’s manual and check the instructions on how to properly clean it. You can use a sprayer to directly apply the cleaner to the surface of the awning, or you can use a sponge, a clean rag, a brush with soft bristles, or any other similar cleaning tool. Make sure that you only rub gently until the surface is clean. Areas that are thickly soiled can be scrubbed using a brush with soft bristles. Use clean water when cleansing.

Awning Frames

While cleaning, you also have to check the condition of the awning frames. When rust starts to develop, it may cause staining and the eventual deterioration of your awning. As much as possible, do not use steel brushes, strong abrasive cleansers, chlorinated bleaches, steel wools, or solvents. The underside of the awning can be cleaned by sweeping it with an ordinary broom. Cut shrubs and vines that are growing near the awning. Some plants have certain acids that can harm the awning fabric. And water is retained longer when leaves and twigs accumulate on top of the awning. With much moisture left, moulds and mildew may develop and eventually cause harm to the structure aside from permanently stain it.

In the event that you want to clean your awning without removing it from where it is, here’s how:

Use only a solid and secure ladder whenever you have to go up there and clean the canvas of your awning. It is also ideal that you look for another person to assist you so that someone will be holding the ladder and pass tools and other items to you while you perform the actual cleaning. You can begin removing all types of debris from the awning with a broom. The regular maintenance of your canvas awnings can keep them looking great for years to come. If you have a spray bottle, create a mild soap and water mixture and spray it on the canvas. Do not use bleach because it can damage the fabric.


Outdoor Awning Maintenance

Outdoor awnings can definitely make a structure look attractive and in a lot of instances, it can be a practical appendage to any structure, whether a home or a business structure. There are a lot of different kinds of awnings readily available in the market today, from the simplest window awnings (this type of awning provides protection to your indoor furnishings from the direct rays of the sun) to the retractable awnings you can see beings used to provide shade in many outdoor spaces. There are even motorized models of these awnings. Most awnings are durable but you still need to give the proper care and maintenance they need to keep them looking new and at the same time keep them working properly for long.

The proper care of your awning begins with constant cleaning. Stains have to be treated as soon as possible. Dust, bird poo and other stains that find their way on your awnings will be faster and more uncomplicated to remove if you remove them right away. You can use a long broom are brush to, on a regular basis, sweep dirt and other out of your awnings. When you see a considerably large accumulation of dirt on your awnings, you need to wash it immediately since dirt can result in the growth of mildew.

Use only mild soap, water and a brush. There are commercial awnings that come with a manual, so check if it contains recommendations on what cleaning solution to use. Use lukewarm or cold water in cleaning your awnings. Have your awnings air-dried after you wash them because drying them under the sun can cause your awnings to shrink.
You can leave the awnings on their frames while cleaning them or you can dis-assemble them to make sure that all nooks and crannies are thoroughly cleaned. Just make sure you read the instructions on the manual regarding its dismantling and assembly. After you have cleaned them, you may want to apply some fabric guard. Once again, check the owner’s manual to make sure that you are using the right product.

If you are located in a warm, humid zone, you will most likely need to clean your awnings more. You can set up a cleaning schedule to avoid the accumulation of too much dirt on your awnings.

In time, awnings can also develop structural problems and that is why regular maintenance check-ups are important because they will help you spot and immediately repair problems with the awnings before they become severe. Awnings have to be inspected at least once a year. Check the growth of rust especially on the frame joints and on areas where the paint has dried out. Remove the rust using the right chemicals and apply a fresh coat of paint on these areas.

In order to prevent rusting, the awning frames should be kept clean from dirt and debris. And regular cleaning is the answer to this as well as the immediate repair of wear and tear. Strong winds and lots of rain can hasten the wear of your awnings.


Different types of window blinds

The word ‘window’ comes from the Old Norse word ‘vindauga’, a combination of words that refer to ‘wind’ and ‘eye’. True to the word, windows act as the eyes of every structure because it allows people inside to see what’s on the outside. Add to this the fact that windows also act both passage for blocker of wind. Windows are also perfect for letting light in, however, there are times when you want to reduce the light coming in or totally keep the room dark on the inside. You can definitely enhance the level of privacy and safety at home by installing blinds, shutters, or shades to your windows. Blinds offer you control over the volume of light you want in a room. It also provides some amount of protection against theft because it shields your valuables from the clear view of the outside world. And because there are so many various types of blinds to choose from, you do not have to abandon style for function and security. Let us take a look at some of them.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are perhaps the most common of all the different types of blinds, and for good reason. This type of window blind is perfect for any enclosure and for any purpose. They are made from flat horizontal slates that are connected to one another. They are designed with a system that allows users to rotate the slates in order or fully close them. These slates can also be raised entirely up which leaves the windows totally open. This setting allows maximum amount of light to come into the room. Besides being very practical, there are Venetian blind designs that are very stylish and particularly versatile which makes them the perfect accessories to most home types.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are the kind that you usually see in offices and other public structures. However, as of late, more and more in residential homes have started installing Roman blinds. One advantage of these blinds is that they can appear as beautiful as full length drapes especially when they have completely pulled down. A lot of people mistake Roman blinds for elegant drapes. Roman blinds form horizontal folds when lifted up, which makes them even more attractive to look at.

Vertical Blinds

A lot of people consider vertical blinds as the most elegant pick when it comes to blinds. The reason behind this is because vertical blinds are totally different from all other kinds of window blinds. Just like Venetian blinds, they can be set to completely block out the light coming from the outside, but they can also be rotated to allow a sufficient amount of light to get in. Rotating them can form a structure that is perpendicular to the windows. Nevertheless, vertical blinds have one disadvantage – they would not work on windows that are closed and opened on the inside.

Roller Blinds

One other popular type of window blind is the roller blind. They last long, they can also be lifted up, and tbey have the capability to completely darken a room.


Modern vs. Traditional Interior Design

When it comes to interior design styles, feel free to express yourself and permit to think outside the box. There are many different ways to define who you are by creating a magnificent living space. Allow yourself to be creative and be stylish. I humbly suggest you take some steps to create the type of space that you really want and show off your personality or whatever is required by your clients.

Amongst many styles of interior design are Traditional and Modern. Traditional style is incorporation of all that is classic, ornate and comfortable. While Modern design is a form and function combined for a more clean and uncluttered style.

Traditional styled spaces are created with comfort in mind rather than style. It is usually considered classic and reflects consistency, order and attention to details. Traditional styled interior design provides a restful, homey, unfussy feel. Featuring heavily with florals, fabric colors and patterns are often muted and understated. With soft edges and curved, furniture is often reproduction and everything is placed in pairs and goes together.

Traditionally decorated homes usually have separate dining room with a long wooden table and chairs with a matching sideboard for china, glass and silverwares. Ceilings are often white with ornate mouldings, the walls usually features flat finish or wall papers, window treatments are often heavy drapes with underpinnings of pinch-pleated sheers .

Accessorised with pairs of lamps, plants, urns, large ornate rugs, mirrors and shelves lined with books.

Modern interior design is the exact opposite of traditional design. Popularised by Bauhaus movement in Germany in 1919 and follows the philosophy that form should combine with function. Furniture pieces often features innovative storage options and modern furniture pieces are often made from industrial materials such as glass and metal and may be modular in their design.

Believed to be the influence of Japanese design, modern interior design views space not as emptiness but an integral and artistic part of the design. Modern interior furniture features clean, straight lines, contrasted by plain walls, usually in one main accent color to produce a cool, put together and uncluttered effect. Big glass windows are common in modern design with modern blinds that are usually elegant and slimline, functioning to control the light but not the view.

The present era populated with young generations have chosen the modern interior designed spaces but even in this modern world, traditional design have found its way to incorporate its style with modern design where the best elements of each could be enjoyed. With traditional and modern design being such opposites, it was inevitable to find it’s common ground that features simple lines and neutral colors and uses light to create a feeling of warmth.