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How to Maintain Your Canvas Awnings

Canvas fabric requires regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent the accumulation of dust and the formation of stubborn dirt. They have a way of embedding themselves into the fabric which makes them more difficult to eliminate. You have the option of cleaning the canvas awning without removing it from its frame or dismantling it, laying […]

Outdoor Awning Maintenance

Outdoor awnings can definitely make a structure look attractive and in a lot of instances, it can be a practical appendage to any structure, whether a home or a business structure. There are a lot of different kinds of awnings readily available in the market today, from the simplest window awnings (this type of awning […]

Different types of window blinds

The word ‘window’ comes from the Old Norse word ‘vindauga’, a combination of words that refer to ‘wind’ and ‘eye’. True to the word, windows act as the eyes of every structure because it allows people inside to see what’s on the outside. Add to this the fact that windows also act both passage for […]

Modern vs. Traditional Interior Design

When it comes to interior design styles, feel free to express yourself and permit to think outside the box. There are many different ways to define who you are by creating a magnificent living space. Allow yourself to be creative and be stylish. I humbly suggest you take some steps to create the type of […]